Roof Panels

Roof Panel 5 Rıbs/EPS (Expanded Polystrene) Insulated

EPS insulated roof panels are, with high load bearing capacity, preferred because they are light and environment friendly, they don’t generate bacteria and they are affordable.

Insulation Thicknesses 40-50-60-75-80-100- 120-125 mm
Insulation Density 16-18 kg/m3 (Special Fabrication 16-30 kg/m3 )
Metal Thicknesses/Interior Sheet/PPGI 0,40-0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
Metal Thicknesses/Exterior Sheet/PPGI 0,40-0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
Metal Thicknesses/Interior Sheet/PPGI/Goffered Aluminum 0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
Metal Thicknesses/Exterior Sheet/PPGI/Goffered Aluminum 0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
Thermal Conductivity Coefficent λ = 0,038 W/mK
Fire Resistance Class E (Flameproof) TSEN 13501-1