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Geofoam (NEW)

Geofoam is a construction material that has been used in geotechnical engineering around the world with its superior properties since 1960s.

Geofoam weighs approximately 1% of standard filling materials.

Geofoam (Light filling) technology was first used in 1972 by the "Norwegian Road Research Laboratory" as a light fill material to reduce settlements in road applications.

The lightweight filling material geofoam, which started to be used in the 1970s, was first applied in Scandinavian countries, then in Western Europe, America and Japan.

Lightweight filling material geofoam reduces the loads on the basement and structures and basement settlements.

Produced in blocks, geofoam is produced in different shapes and sizes and in different strengths to meet the project needs.

Geofoam also offers innovative solutions for problems such as earthquake protection, shock, noise and vibration damping.