Roof Panels

Pet-Ctp Panels/Pur-Eps Insulated

Used in poultry, farms, animal barns and etc. or used in acidic environment for their resistance to chemicals and chemical waste. Used at the inner face of the panel. Outer face is either galvanized sheet or aluminum. The insulation material is EPS, PUR or PIR. The thickness of the pet is 0,90 mm and the thickness of the FRP is 0,80 mm.

Technical Specifications

•Resistant to acids, saline, alcohol, hydrocarbon and solvents.
•Resistant to environmental effects such as acid rains, smoke, exhaust, sea water.
•Easily shaped.
•Thermoform is just enough to shape the Pet.
•Flammability and toxic gas release is low.
•Does not contain any toxic gas.
•Due to being light, easily to be carried and installed.
•Considerably sound-proof, enables heat insulation.
•Easy to clean and perfectly hygienic.
•Has several options of color and pattern.
•Has strength against high impact and fracture.
•Recyclable and environment friendly.