What is Sandwich Panel?

Manufactured according to TS EN 14509 standard, Çatıpan-Cephepan Sandwich Panels have brought new aspect to sector both in technical and aesthetical menas and become the tradenames which are specifically preferred for prestigious buildings.

Sandwich panels which are manufactured for heat insulation, water insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance generally consist of Mineralwool (Rockwool, Glasswool) + EPS or injected Polyurethane (PUR), Polyisocyanurate (PIR) core adhesive between internal and outer metal board (Painted Galvanized Sheet, Natural Aluminum, Painted Aluminum, Stainless Steel). Painted galvanized sheet and aluminum boards are painted with Coil Coating technique. Surfaces of the metals are painted and coated as per regulation on Polyester (PE), Polyvinylidene Fluroid (PVDF), Plastisol (PVC-P), Polyurethane (PUR) and food regulation.

Mineralwool used as internal filling material in Çatıpan-Cephepan Sandwich Panels manufactured with the state of art technology are sliced and placed perpendicularly to board surface for the purposes of increasing the compressive strength. PIR filling material is among our Polyurethane products supported with chemicals which delay fire and decrease the formation of smoke.  

Quick to production and installation as well as beingcarried and installed increases the usage areas of sandwich panels. Outer surfaces of sandwich panels are coated with metal (goffered aluminum, lacquered aluminum, painted aluminum, painted galvanized sheet) and can be used as water insulation covers (PVC-TPO and etc.) on the roofs with slope less than 7%. In addition, in the acidic environments, agricultural buildings and animal shelters, producting sandwich panel with CTP or PET boards bring solutions to many problems. Panelsan offers appropriate solutions with sandwich panel alternatives and different solutions for all the buildings thanks to a wide variety of processes.

Having a wide usage area, Çatıpan-Cephepan Sandwich Panels are used for industrial constructions, thermal power plant, shopping malls, electric power plant, military and social constructions, sport facilities, containers, cold room, clean chambers, animal shelters and poultry farms.

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