Human Resources Policy and Our Principles

Panelsan Human Resources Policy is to recruit and employ the personel who is an expert at his or her job to provide competitive superiority both nationally and internationally.

Our principles to fulfill this goal;

Planning, recruiting and employing human resources to perform company activities effectively and productively. Assigning them in service unities, training them, setting up a fair pricing system to give equal pay for equal work and updating it according to the changing conditions, following up personnel affairs and updating work definitions, carrying out studies like wage management, educational planning and performance management in accordance with objective values.

Developing and implementing training programs that would allow the company to work in line with its objectives and improve the quality of service, improve the professional knowledge and capabilities, and implement the career management system

Being in sure of the personnel working in suitable duties in accordance with their knowledge and skills.

By ensuring appropriate working conditions in accordance with the characteristics of the ongoing service, developing systems that encourages success and creativity, and keeping task satisfaction at the highest level.

Developing a performance management system that would result in increased productivity and advancement in the career, and creating fair and equal possibilities in the execution of this system.

Gathering information about the works being performed within the company, human resources requirements and labour conditions, and performing job analysis’ in order to evaluate this information, preparing job definitions according to changing conditions

In order to increase the productivity of the personnel, by fulfilling their social and cultural requirements, ensuring the corporal culture and consciousness to increase loyalty and encourage working

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